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            關于我們  About Us >>當前位置:首頁 - 關于我們


            隨著網生內容時代的來臨,公司不斷推進網生內容建設,在網絡劇,網絡電影及網絡綜藝等領域穩步發展。在互聯網浪潮下,公司將致力于打造以優質IP為核心、多種娛樂內容形態協同發展的泛娛樂公司,依托IP強大的輻射能力和產業整合能力,衍生出小到周邊商品,大到游戲、影視、音樂、文學、動漫等作品,實現以“IP 運營+IP商業化”為基本構架的布局。

            Shanghai Senyu Culture Media Co.,Ltd.was founded in Aug 2010. At the early beginning of its founding, we were devoted to explore and develop the broadcasting and releasing business for audio-visual cultural products. Starting from 2011,we managed to broaden our business to copyright trading and Co-operating with radio and television network, media operators and new media. Currently, we’ve set up a wide and deep cooperation with plenty of domestic media platform partners.

            As the Age of netlife content  is coming, we will boost the growth of netlife content continuously and forge ahead in such areas as internet dramas,internet movies and internet entertainment. Under the overwhelming influence of the internet, we are committed to establish a pan-entertainment Cooperation cored on branding high-quality IP with various forms of entertainment  contents. A  high-quality  IP  has the capability of widening and integrating industry and based on that, a lot of derivative products can be developed including games, films, musics, literature, cartoons and so on in order to from a IP operating+ IP commercializing industrial structure.

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